Paytap : internet server enabling m-payment and m-wallet for everyone

TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
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At Home

By initiating a new user centric chain of value that sets the user free from depending on device, software or skill, TAPP© enables various types of partners and clients (Telco Operators, Trusted third parties, and IT industry actors) to innovate and offer highly valuable services to their customers and end users.

As such, TAPP© concerns every individual in one of the following contexts:

• My TAPP© : Personal and domestic environment, SOHO services provided by Carrier and mobile operators,- secured financial and fiduciary services virtual payment .

• Business TAPP© : Enterprise environment (Intranet/Extranet Portal : CRM - SFA - Groupware – Knowledge management, Content Management, Awareness services, e-mail empowerment, de-spamming).

• Government TAPP© : e-administration - Delivery of personalized services and Digital ID to the Citizen , automatically and securely connected with the production and the management of contents on the public operators side

• Uncle TAPP©'s CABIN : Delivery of personalized services and Digital ID to people in developing countries thanks to NGO, local Governments and Micro finance institutions in line with the WSIS (World Summit of the Information Society) Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action .

In the Office

Off Office
TAPP©'s Cabin