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Our fast changing world is entering into a new era.
All valuable information is or will soon be digitized whether it is for science, knowledge, business, Government system, communications, entertainment, leisure personal or familial purpose … you name it.

Today more than 1.3 Billion own a mobile phone, 2 billion expected before 2007. Consumer Electronic Goods market is anticipated at US$ 2000 Billion in 2010. At that time, most electronic goods will be ever connected to the global Network and identifiable with certainty through IP v6.

Yet the Global Digitalization of our civilization raises a major problem of usage to most human beings, generally known under the name of «Digital divide".

For the first time, since the burst of the industrial society, a breakthrough generates a problem that cannot be resolved by technical or economical contributions, because it is fundamentally a cultural problem.

For the first time in human evolution, because all knowledge and exchanges are digitized, we can no more read or write without the assistance of a media and adapted device that translate and manage ( store and retrieve) our digital content.

In a sense, we all became digital illiterates and therefore we all undergo the Digital Divide.