Paytap : internet server enabling m-payment and m-wallet for everyone

TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
by Online & Groupware
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Jean Marc
Lévy Dreyfus (CEO)
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Jean Marc
Lévy Dreyfus

The mission of GOTAPP© as a software developing and licensing company is, by partnering with ITC industry leaders and collaborating with major institutional actors, to propose, to legitimize, to promote and to sell TAPP© integrated web services infrastructure package as the foundation of the Transactional Internet.

For Communication and Telecom industry actors,
   that need to widen their market share in the ever growing and globalizing "Communication Services Market" .

For IT actors

  that need to migrate their solutions to the Web end-to-end, without depending on proprietary
  server technologies.

For Brick and Mortar enterprises

  that need to transform their product driven business into  client centric e-business.

For the Governments
   that need to shape and secure their e-administration services and public portals.

For the Non Gov institutions
   that need to efficiently fight the digital divide, by including more and more human beings in the Global Network
   and providing those new users with an instant tangible value for each one of them.